Vaccine, Screening Schedule:


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To protect your child, refer to the chart at left for a recommended schedule of immunizations and tests.


9 Months

Lead Testing

12 Months

MMR, Pneumococcal

(must be on or after 1st birthday)

15 Months

18 Months

2 Years

Hep A, / CBC and Lead Testing

3 Years

Vision Screen

4-5 Years

DTaP, IPV, Vision, Audiometry, MMR, Varivax

6-18 Years

Yearly Preventive Healthcare:

Every year or every 2 years

Tdap (required at age 11)

Menactra (required at 11), Gardasil (recommended for women)

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Please note that the vaccine schedule is contingent upon the available supply from the respective manufacturer. Vaccines and their routine schedule are subject to change as suggested by the CDC.