Dear Pediatric Associates Community,

We are actively monitoring the COVID-19 situation locally, nationally and internationally and are doing our best to keep our office open.  We are adapting to the current guidelines as they evolve and are doing our best to protect the health of our patients, their families and our office staff.


Currently we are seeing well patients for checkups only who require vaccines in the morning and scheduling our sick patients in the afternoon. In the near future, we might be forced to stop well visits all together and we are unsure that we will be available for sick visits as well.   We are disinfecting surfaces between patients.  We are affected by the supply crisis as you all are.


Currently we do not have any supplies to test for the Coronavirus.  If you or your child are experiencing respiratory distress with fever and cough at this time,  we recommend that you call the Emergency Room or 911.  We are not equipped to handle respiratory emergencies.


Our goal is to minimize the spread to the community. Continue to stay home and avoid crowded places and public transportation when possible. If out in public, practice social distancing, good hand washing and the use of antiseptic hand gels.  To reduce widespread transmission, schools have closed.


During these times, try to limit your child’s exposure to others and keep your children on a regular schedule for eating, sleeping and doing schoolwork.


These small steps make a big difference in preventing further infections. As a precaution, the following new policies are being implemented by our office:


1.    Sick Visits will only be scheduled after screening by a triage nurse. Please call the office if you think your child needs a sick visit.

2.     We may contact you to rearrange or reschedule routine visits; if your child is scheduled for a routine visit and becomes sick, please call to speak with a triage nurse before coming into the office.  If you do not feel comfortable coming to the office at this time, please call and cancel your appointment as soon as you decide, so that we can serve others in need.

3.     Since we are experiencing a very large volume of calls, please be patient when calling.  Please save non-urgent questions for a later time.  After this crisis is over, we will better be able to answer your questions.  We want our nurses available to triage calls and speak to the parents of sicker patients who need them the most.

4.    If you know of an exposure risk, please do not come into the office.   Call and we will advise you of the current procedures.  If you are asked to put a mask on, please comply with our request and keep it on during the entire visit.

5.     We would like to limit the number of people in our waiting room. When possible, try to arrange for children who do not have an appointment to stay home. The same for parents or caretakers who are at higher medical risks; they too should avoid coming to the office.


Please remember, although we have to limit exposure risks, we are available to you for support and resources throughout this health crisis.    

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COVID-19: Our Policies (updated 03.20.20)